Thursday, October 9, 2014

SmartMumbaikar - Aim for Congestion free Mumbai [Business Model]

How about mode of travelling that enables you to save money, travel fast and at same time reduce pollution. Its SmartMumbaikar Model.  A car pooling services that connects vehicles owner and commuter. People willing to share car, taxi, bike or even auto ride should give miss call to registered mobile number around 10 mins before travel time. On receipt of call, smart mumbaikar would share numbers of people willing to join you in ride. The travel cost is mutually divided between vehicle owner  and commuter.

Commuters can avail this service by registering on its website through their offical Id. On registration, Smart Mumbaikar requires minimum information like arrival and departure destination and mobile number. The Company charges nominal fees of Rs. 400 / month, which is equivalent to Rs. 10 / trip.

Revenue Model

Mumbaikar can take benefit of this service to achieve congestion free Mumbai

Viability for growth (Personal thoughts)
  • There is likelihood that after availing service for few months, the traveler may not continue with its services. For instance, if Mr. A subscribed to this service for 2 months. He would have receive contact detail of approx 80 travelers (20 days X 2 times a day - to & fro X 2 months) on the route subscribed to (assuming every time SmartMumbaikar shared unique contact detail). So hence forth, he could directly contact those person and avoid payment of subscription to SmartMumbaikar. If on other hand, if SmartMumbaikar shared information about same individual always, then also travelers would not be interested in continuing with the services. 
  • Its important for SmartMumbaikar to find new revenue stream to expand its operations.