Monday, July 29, 2013

[IAIP Newsletter] Book Review - Breakout Nation: In Search of the Next Economic Miracles

Breakout Nation offers a picture of state of economy in different countries across the globe. It highlights the author’s search to identify which is the next big nation that offers good investment opportunities for the investors. The book is divided into 14 chapters. Each chapter provides synopsis of economic event and social profile of each country over past three – four decade. Sharma has added humor to its analysis by providing a unique and catchy adjective to each country’s name as chapter title like ‘the Great Indian Hope Trick’.

To identify ‘Breakout Nation’, Sharma focuses on two parameters: growth rate of the country and whether the country is in advantageous position to grow at rapid speed than its peer with similar per capita income. Thereby it builds a road to analyze each country for coming years.

The book is dedicated to most growing economies across Asia (China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Thailand), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico), Eastern Europe (Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Hungary) and Middle East & African countries like South Africa. Sharma also identifies some fourth world Countries like Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, which would take longer than emerging market countries to be breakout nation.

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