Sunday, August 9, 2015

Motherson Sumi Systems Limited - Annual Report Analysis - Part 2

Business drivers
Automotive Segment
  • Patented product portfolio - The Company has registered over 600 patented product portfolio. The company has been pioneer in introducing exterior mirror with turn light, LED light, in built camera, folding mirror and others.
  • Diverse customer base  -  MSSL caters to all major OEM across globe. As of Mar 15, it generates 60% of its revenue from top 4 automobile companies, namely Audi, VW, Seat, BMW. Its vision document of 2015 -2020, emphasis on contribution of not more than 15% by any company, country or component. Thereby focusing on diversifying its business across component, customer and country. 
  • Geographic diversification - The company generates around 83% of its revenue from its customer base outside India as of Mar 2015.  Further, the Company gets 70% of its revenue from Europe, 18% from APAC and 12% from America. With acquisition of wiring harness business of Stoneridge Inc in 2014, the revenue contribution from US would increase in future years. 
  • Focus on increasing content per car - The company has wide geographic presence, large numbers of customers across varied automobiles and non automobiles segment. The company has maintained good relations with OEMs and has expanded its product protfolio to cater to increasing new demand of its product portfolio. This has enables MSSL to increase its content per car.

              Source: Investor Presentation
  • Technological upgrades - With robust R&D department, MSSL continuously introduces new products with modern technological features.

Non-automotive segment 
  • Contribution from non automotive segment is around 7% of the revenue in Mar 2015. 
  • In this segment it supplies  wiring harnesses to manufacturers of material handling equipments, off -road vehicles / construction equipment, agricultural equipment, industrial forklifts, medical systems etc. 
  • Recent acquisition of Stoneridge Inc in US, has presence in agriculture equipment, material handling equipment and off-road vehicles. 
  • Thus, it is estimated that contribution from non automotive segment would increase. 
  • Although, contribution from non-automotive segment is miniscule, it would enable the company to generate revenue during period of slowdown in automobile segment.  
Business Monopoly or Competition
MSSL provides large range of products. Most of the products manufactured by MSSL are patented products. This enables the company to maintain its strategic position by wining customer trust. 

High emphasis on R&D strategy has enables MSSL to maintain trend of innovation to market, provide increasing feature content and value addition per product. Thereby, expanding the range of its patented products. 

Further, MSSL has integrated its product portfolio to provide full product development facilities to its customer. 

As, the company normally gets an edge over its competitors for its patented technology products. Wide range of patented product portfolio gives MSSL an advantage over its peers